The Agricultural and Commercial Show is organized by the Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia (ACSZ). It is the country's premier show held in the capital city Lusaka, Zambia, for six days. The first show was held in 1919 and has been held every year since except for 1921, 1941 to 1946.

Exhibitors at the show have over the years included companies from many countries. The Show provides a forum for exchange in agriculture, agribusiness, trade information and commercial as well as creating opportunities to show case emerging farming technologies, product innovation and value addition


Story behind our success

Zambia has all it takes for an overwhelming economic boom. The human resource, good climate and natural resources are all there to be trapped. Lusaka is also the Headquarters for COMESA, and as such all members states find the show as a focal point to enhance and evaluate all their economic activities both current and future.

On the commercial side, the country has continued to pursue macro-economic stabilization measures including prudent financial and fiscal measures, which are necessary to rejuvenate the economy to higher levels of growth. As a result of this there should be increased economic activity leading to improvements in the small and enterprises especially.

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The Agricultural and Commercial Show has truly become a leading Southern African region meeting place.

The show also offers a platform for cultural exchanges regionally and internationally, which is a catalyst for development for any country.




The first show was held in 1919 and has been held every year thereafter with the exception of the years 1921, 1941 to 1946 because of the first and second world war, and in 1966 as well due to Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence the previous November, which led to the occupation of a large part of the Showground by the aircrew of the Royal Air Force.
The venue of the show has changed six times from the Kafue River Bank site to a temporary site in Lusaka, where the National Institute of Public Administration stands. In 1951 it moved to its permanent location in the present day showground.


The Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia is an affiliate of the Royal Agricultural Society of the Common wealth (RASC) this is a non governmental organization consisting a confederation of 40 national and regional agricultural societies in 20 Commonwealth countries.